Of course, we too like most of you trusted Google to help us find solutions to each of the tech trouble we faced in the past.

We, used to spend hours at length looking for solutions to  our mind grilling problems, 

  • like  slowing down of laptops,
  • adding effects in videos,
  • editing videos,
  • home automation,
  • system security etc,

And unfortunately,  till the time we used to finally find a solution that might work,  we were so drained of mental and physical energy that it used to look like such a waste of time and effort and we used to dream-

What if we could have saved all that time we just spent??

Only if there was someone whom we could call and get an instant solution without having to go through all that trouble.

Only if it was possible to avoid such an intensive and draining search process to get a solution that might or might not work.

These thoughts and problems planted the seed of launching something like Amrev X,  a platform where we could just hop onto when we felt stuck technically and get a solution right away from an expert who knew how to handle things fast.

And that too at a minimal cost.

Remember that the time you save  from not having to manually search for a solution or else spend a lot money at a technical outlet,  each and every time you are stuck in a technical problem,  is the time that you can spend doing something that you love and like and would fondly  want to remember.

2020 being an unusual year in many ways which introduced us to the “new normal” and majorly in terms of the increase in the use of technology by all age groups .   Where  you woke up to an online meeting with your colleagues and  slept by booking that online milk order for the next morning.

We witnessed that most of you who were not used to that much of atechnological interface were forced to get used to all of it  suddenly.

A daily need  of interacting virtually for basic things  was making your lives difficult, as you had little technical knowledge of how to get out of  the most basic technical problems, It was deteriorating the quality of your  lives in some way, The  nagging issues made you irritable and low at self confidence.

There were issues like-

  • Phishing links which were landing people in a lot of mess
  • Data  management issues
  • Data storage issues
  • Dealing with  pop-up ads that pop up while you  try to concentrate on your  work as you don’t know how to get rid of them.
  • Network/ connectivity issues
  • Making elaborate and visually appealing presentations
  • Unaware of how zoom and google meet works

All of  this was making your daily life difficult because there was a huge shift from you working in offices and meeting people in person to working from your homes where everything simple or major needed tech involvement.

Thus the rising tech issues bothered you daily, and  had to be tackled instantly by a solution.

Keeping all of this In  mind that was going on around us with all of you suffering so much because of  technical problems due to the lack of basic as well as proficient technical knowledge pushed  us to start this NPO,  which aims at enabling propel to get instant solutions to any of their technical problems and thus helping them easily go about their lives by getting immediately “unstuck” from the weird  technical issues. . 

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