The Right People In The Right Jobs


Amrev Shashwat
CEO & Founder

Meet the Mastermind-

Do You know who creates the best products, like something that is  life-changing?? 

It’s Someone who has lived through the pain of not having it in his/her life.

I am Shashwat Verma, the Founder & CEO of AmrevX and I am one such person who has been through those days where I used to spend hours online in search of a solution to my technical problems,  but used to find only an over drained brain full of information with no energy to apply it practically. 

Every-time just like many of you right now, I used to be stuck with sometimes basic technical glitches and at others quiet major ones. But the entire process of finding a solution always used to be draining and unsatisfactory. The lack of an instant resource where I could go for a solution used to agitate me quite a bit. 

Many times it happened that to get a single really basic  issue fixed I had to shell out a rather large sum of money, as I had no knowledge about the intensity of the problem. This lack of knowledge enabled few unethical individuals to scam me. I am sure you can relate to this experience of mine ! 

All of these dreadful experiences kept urging me  to find a solution. And a good one! 

Every-time it took me ages to find a solution I wished to have someone available, who could solve my query instantly. 

I kept on wishing this for a long time, until one day, I  decided to “be the solution” for the problems I  and many many others like me were facing on a daily basis. And finally, end the ordeal!

It’s only a  few who take the decision of being the solution rather than keep on waiting for one.

And this is how the idea of AmrevX came into existence. I earnestly believe that  this kind of platform can help people live at ease, by reducing their small as well as big problems that they face technically, almost daily. 

I myself have  gone through a lot of high and lows in my life, my will to become financially independent paved the way for my quest to create an income source at an early age. This led me  to 

  • Explore YouTube, which was an apparently lucrative platform. My first channel where I used to upload food vlogs etc turned out to be a flop but the second time became the charm and now I have a youtube channel with  —- subscribers. To gain a quick visibility for my account the second time I went ahead and streamed live for 23 hrs. 
  • I tried my hand at online trading and fell in love with the process. I gained a fair amount of knowledge by practically applying my learnings of the trade market to earn impressive returns. But couldn’t continue this for long, due to my studies and personal commitments. 
  • I am a certified ethical hacker, the youngest in the state of Chhattisgarh, an affiliate marketer,  and obviously an explorer with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and innovation. I use this skill to help a lot of individuals from falling prey to scams and threats. 

My zeal to make it big on my own terms accompanied with an undying curiosity probed me to try things that someone my age wouldn’t.

Based on my practical experiences and strategies along with the desire to  spread awareness and inspire youngsters like myself I wrote two books- 

  1. How to earn at 16
  2. Learn Ethical Hacking

Technology always fascinated me and  every time the topic came up I used to light up with excitement. 

I somewhere knew that I  wanted  a career in it. And now you can tell, things fell in place, as I ended up creating the best online platform where you can come anytime you are stuck with any technical issue to get a solution from an expert at a minimal price. 

I have  learnt a great deal from my  failures and this is the reason I try my best to help the youth overcome their struggles. 

Technology is bound to  become  indispensable in our lives with every passing day and that means the technical problems will also keep increasing. You surely will need someone genuine to help you with your day to day tech issues no matter how easy or grave. 

I knew how it feels to be stuck with a problem with no help in vision and want no one to feel that way, be it a young person or an elder one trying to get a hold of how technology works. 

As much as technology eases our lives, but in the face of a technical glitch, it becomes like a crisis and crisis is best handled by an expert…right??? 

Let us be your tech experts.!