AmrevX your virtual techie friend.

Don’t  we all have that one friend or relative who is a “know it all”  when it comes to technology. And all members in the family keep bothering him or her with all of their queries  whenever the technology that is supposed to ease our  lives is doing just the opposite.

Poor chap has no option but to attend to all of our queries till he/she chooses to quit. (Imagine no help when another tech issue strikes) Scary right?? Loosing the security cushion

What  if one day you are really stuck, you need an immediate solution and guess what that friend/relative doesn’t respond.

You keep trying but can’t reach out to them.

The pressure to resolve the technical problem at hand is increasing by the second 

What do you do then???? How do you solve your problem???

You search online frantically ,  you read through some blogs and watch some videos but still can’t put your finger on that one particular solution which will work immediately.

And the  pressure is still  building up with every passing second, what to do next??

This  is where we come into the picture, AmrevX, a team of technical wizards, committed to give a solution to all your tech related issues in 30 minutes or less.

Let’s just accept the fact that, in the recent times the importance of technology in helping you run your life smoothly has only increased and it’s now something,  that you can’t function without.

But at times most of you find difficult working  it, which is absolutely normal!

Problems as  basic as systems hanging in the middle of a call or a meeting, and as major as securing data and important files are crucial to be dealt with.

AmrevX is a non-profit organisation run by young and committed individuals with only one goal in mind and that is to make your life free of any technical hassles.

Let’s be honest whenever there is a technical issue, all  we want is an immediate solution because sometimes everything is dependent on how fast we can send that email or how fast a video can download for us.

You can do these things when stuck-

  1. Keep waiting for a solution to appear
  2. Keep struggling to find information online
  3. Contact the resource that can give you an immediate solution.

The smart thing to do will be going to the resource that can help you immediately.

And we are “that resource” for you. 

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