Each of your tech related issue can be resolved here at AmrevX,

Some frequent ones that you mostly need help with

  1. The slowing down of your laptop, 
  2. Editing of photos and videos 
  3. Converting PDF docs to word and word to excel
  4. set up your social media accounts 
  5. Installing anti virus to secure your systems from bugs
  6. Helping you with Data Storage and security 
  7. Connectivity issues 

And anything apart from this, we can solve any and every tech issue and ease your life. 

We are a 24*7 helpline service, and will help you anytime you get stuck with an issue. You just need to make us aware of your issue and we will reach out to solve your query in 30 mins or less.

Next to making Maggie getting in touch with us is the easiest  thing to do-

  • Go to our website via google
  • Type in your query on the search bar 
  • Leave your contact details 
  • An expert will contact you in 30 mins or less 

As AmrevX is a Non-profit organisation our fee is minimal and will cost you Rs 99 for an entire months’ membership. 

In case you can wait for 30 mins for your issue to be resolved your service will be free of cost.

Sounds unbelievable right ?? But it’s true as we genuinely want to help you all!

So this will always depend on the intensity of the issue you have come to us with but rest assured that you will go back with a solution and a smile on your face.

Yes, that is possible for a minimal cost.

We help you save the two most important things in your life “TIME” and “MONEY”.

If you are an entrepreneur, student, corporate professional, run businesses you must be aware of the importance of these two, we help you save time as you don’t have to search online for a solution for a tech issue, talk to people or watch videos you can instantly get in touch with us as soon as you find yourself stuck in a situation.

We don’t charge to burn a hole in your pocket. Or try to benefit from the lack of your knowledge. 

We give a lot of value in comparison to our fee. 

AmrevX is your one-stop-shop for all your technical issues. You can very well think of us as a supermarket for all your technical needs. 

Our team comprises experts in solving each of your technical issues. 

Not many platforms offer instant tech support and we are doing that, the moment you are stuck get in touch with us and help us solve your technical glitch for you. 

There are moments when you don’t have the time, energy or the knowledge to navigate through you your issues, those are the times when you can get in touch with us for a solution.


i am really happy to say this that the money they ask is just a penny for what they do, Amrevx was there when no one was ready, i like there service and i'll recommend to take it.
Raghav Joshi
Never before came across such a great service provider. Everytime I called them for whatever was my concern was promptly answered. Everything seems transparent and trustworthy,
I came here when my microphone was not working i took the membership and got my problem resolved in 3 minutes, Best for the price. i love the way they talk,